Read To Me (2018)

Read To Me was a prototype for a space that would visually respond to the live reading of poetry and prose, created with Maxwell Neely-Cohen during his 2018 residency at CultureHub. As text was read aloud, the words would appear on screen, changing the color of the entire 40 foot space based on what was read. This project culminated in a public event titled "Read To Me," a reading with poets Meghann Plunkett, Rhiannon McGavin, Angel Nafis, and playwright Jeremy O. Harris.

I helped Neely-Cohen develop a system for real time speech transcription, visualization, and sentiment analysis using Google Cloud's Speech-to-Text API, Python, Max/MSP, and the NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon. The project was later ported to Unity by Sam Von Ehren, and additional graphics prototypes were created by Flan Falacci, Dennis Carr, and Milan Koerner-Safratta.

The source code for both the Max/MSP and Unity versions is available on GitHub.